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I did not apply for a grant, but I received a check from CFCV. What does that mean?

The majority of our grantmaking is through Donor Advised Funds. If your organization received a check from CFCV, it means that a donor who holds a Donor Advised Fund with us wanted to support your organization through their Fund here! The grant letter that accompanies the check lists the name of the donor's Fund, along with their name(s) and contact information where you can acknowledge them. Unless the donor requested their donation be anonymous, their information is available to you through our grant letter.

How do I apply for a grant from the Community Foundation?

Check out our Available Grants page to learn about our grantmaking programs. These programs have specific time periods when they accept applications. They also have specific criteria and eligibility requirements, so you’ll want to read the details on those guidelines.

Does CFCV award grants to individuals?

With the exception of scholarship grants, CFCV does not award grants to individuals.

Does my organization have to be located in Columbus to receive a competitive grant?

Each competitive grant has specific criteria and eligibility requirements, including geographic location and counties served. Please refer to this criterion to determine if your organization is eligible to apply.

Does the Community Foundation provide emergency grants?

CFCV does not provide emergency grants.

Should I meet with the Community Foundation staff?

We often share that our role in the community is similar to that of a sponge, soaking up valuable information about what's going on in our community as part of our role as a philanthropic resource to our donors and Fund holders. Specifically, we love to know what nonprofits are working on and any specific needs. Please reach out to us if you'd like to share any relevant information about your organization, and we will keep it on file.

How can my organization increase its visibility to those with Donor Advised Funds at the Community Foundation?

The majority of our assets are held by Donor Advised Funds, most of which do not accept applications. We do not solicit our donors on behalf of nonprofits; however, we deeply value our relationships with nonprofits and our donors. Part of our work is connecting donors with the organizations and causes about which they care most. One way we do this is by sharing relevant nonprofit and community information with our donors based on their funding interests.

What are the reporting requirements for grants received from the Foundation?

Competitive grant programs have reporting requirements specific to each program. Those requirements are listed in their respective application guidelines.