We value our role as a community connector. We strive to connect donors to the nonprofits they love, nonprofits to available resources, and the community at large to the power of philanthropy.

CFCV staffers, Josina Greene and Kelli Parker
CFCV staffers Josina Greene and Kelli Parker get familiar with Historic Westville’s farming equipment at its new location.

Supporting Nonprofits

We believe in leveraging the incredible work that's already happening throughout the Chattahoochee Valley. From our competitive discretionary grantmaking programs, to our Facebook live sessions to frequent nonprofit meetings, we support nonprofit efforts and value the work they do to strengthen the fabric of our community. We aim to be a nonprofit resource, championing their strategic, innovative work.

We could not have accomplished what was accomplished without this grant. One of the things it has done is give our community more pride..."

– Debby Ford, president of the Marion County Chamber of Commerce

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