Stories of Change

The stories of how our donors, local nonprofits, scholarship beneficiaries and community members want to do good in their communities inspire us daily. We live in a generous community, and it's because of that giving nature that we have the privilege of doing this work.

Thoughtful Philanthropy, Meaningful Impact

In nearly twenty years of serving this community, we've witnessed some incredible moments. We've connected passionate donors with well-deserving scholarship recipients. We've shared nonprofit needs with donors and watched them respond generously. It's a privilege to witness and help facilitate thoughtful, strategic philanthropy each and every day.

Our mission is to enable and promote philanthropy, and one way we do that is by connecting donors to charitable projects in the Chattahoochee Valley that align with the issues they care about.”

– CFCV President & CEO Betsy Covington

‘OK, what does the Community Foundation do?’ “People don’t give to us, they give through us. We are just the catalyst to make the community a better place.”

– CFCV board member, Gwen Ruff

How we can we help you do good in this community?

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President and CEO Betsy Covington