William J. Burgin


Will Burgin was born, raised and lives in Columbus, Georgia. While earning a Mechanical Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, he was witness to the stunning transformation of that city and its urban core. During an unexpected career change, Burgin developed a passion in urban redevelopment and adaptive reuse of buildings. He attributes this to his background in design engineering and the pivotal change he witnessed while in Nashville.

His first project, the Village on 13th, is still referenced as the best local example of neighborhood retail redevelopment; it is in MidTown, the historic first-ring suburb of Columbus. Building on this success, Burgin is working to usher in a Complete Street renovation of the 13th Street corridor, to better connect the single-family homes of MidTown to the cultural and civic amenities, including the new urban whitewater course, located downtown.