Meet Our Staff

Get to know the team that thrives on helping others do good. We care deeply about the Chattahoochee Valley and consider it a privilege to do this work.


Betsy W. Covington
President and CEO
JJ Musgrove
Director of Donor Services
Kelli M. Parker
Director, Grants & Community Partnerships
Leah A. Poole
Chief Financial Officer
Erica M. Walker
Foundation Associate

The best part of my job is the people. I get to work with generous, caring people in this community who want to make a difference through their philanthropy, not just today, but after their lifetime as well; people working in our community nonprofits who provide services and meet needs; people I meet through our community partnerships who are passionate about where they live; and the fantastic people I get to work with every day, both our staff and our board. It is an amazing privilege to do this work every day."

– Kelli Parker, Director of Grants and Community Partnerships

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