Meet Our Staff

Get to know the team that thrives on helping others do good. We care deeply about the Chattahoochee Valley and consider it a privilege to do this work.


Ellen Brooks
Operations Manager
Betsy W. Covington
President and CEO
Forbes Foster
Accounting and Financial Associate
JJ Musgrove
Director of Donor Services
Kelli M. Parker
Director, Grants & Community Partnerships
Leah A. Poole
Chief Financial Officer
Anna E. Sims
Grants & Communication Associate

The best part of my job is the people. I get to work with generous, caring people in this community who want to make a difference through their philanthropy, not just today, but after their lifetime as well; people working in our community nonprofits who provide services and meet needs; people I meet through our community partnerships who are passionate about where they live; and the fantastic people I get to work with every day, both our staff and our board. It is an amazing privilege to do this work every day."

– Kelli Parker, Director of Grants and Community Partnerships

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