About the Foundation

We exist to enable and promote philanthropy that inspires, facilitates and fosters a vibrant and engaged Chattahoochee Valley.

Our Community's Premier Center for Thoughtful Philanthropy

In pursuit of our mission to connect people and resources, and to create meaningful impact for our area both now and for generations to come, we:

  • Help a multitude of donors easily and effectively achieve their charitable interests with a wide range of financial assets.
  • Invest assets responsibly to preserve and increase grantmaking capital.
  • Know the needs of our communities and share that knowledge to empower engagement, leadership and improvement.
  • Lead conversations and collaborate to shape effective responses to community needs and opportunities.

See how this has added up to meaningful impact over the years.

Our Core Values

With input and guidance from our board, donors, and members of our community, the CFCV staff is committed to upholding the following values in all our decision-making and actions:

  • Service

    We were created to lead through service; we serve our donors, our area's nonprofits and our community at large.

  • Stewardship

    We are entrusted with people's hopes, dreams and financial resources in perpetuity; we manage them in ways that uphold that trust and exceed expectations while remaining cost effective.

  • Integrity

    We conduct our business dealings with honor; we can be relied on to act responsibly.

  • Inclusiveness

    We are an institution of communal good; we seek to work collaboratively and to mobilize the resources of the community to meet the community's needs.

  • Independence

    We represent the best interest of the community as a whole; we are not obligated to individuals, organizations or others.

  • Knowledge

    We learn continually and are a repository of community understanding, knowledge and expertise; we use that information to engage others and mobilize philanthropy to make a difference.

  • Our Board and Staff

    Directed by a diverse group of recognized leaders in the Chattahoochee Valley and led by an expert and caring staff, part of CFCV's success in creating meaningful systemic change in our area is due to our outstanding leadership.

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  • Financials

    We pride ourselves on our proven track record of outstanding investment strategies that bring optimal returns for our donors and our community's good while we remain committed to open and transparent accounting.

    We invite you to review our financials at any time.

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